Your Career and You: “The Road to Success…It’s an Uphill Climb”

Publication1I always find it interesting to talk with my former-student friends from Curry College, where I teach most of the undergrad public relations courses in our Communication Department, and Regis College, where I teach grad courses in the Organizational and Professional Communication area.

They’re mostly enthusiastic and optimistic…but not always.

Some of them are seeing the positive results of their efforts. If they haven’t nailed down the “perfect” (in their mind) job, they’ve at least been getting some encouraging feedback and feel that success truly is in the cards.

Others are “settling”…taking whatever comes along…often for a good reason, I hasten to add, like school loans that have to be repaid, rent, food…in order to “get by until…”

I try to make the case in our classes as we talk about “life after college” that it is a challenge getting started…and the perfect opportunity isn’t just going to be sitting on the street corner waiting for them to come by.

“Life”…through which we all must pass…is a never-ending series of professional and personal challenges. And, once in a while, things don’t go exactly as planned.

But you can’t give up, and you can’t (or shouldn’t) simply abandon your dreams.

For one, you’ve worked really hard for a relatively long time to prepare for your future. Don’t toss that effort aside “just because…”

Also…you made it through all that effort because you believed that you could succeed. Never doubt your beliefs…they are what make you you.

But also be willing to accept reality. As I’ve said at least once in the past, you don’t get a gold star just for showing up.” You have to earn it.

Publication1So take heart that you are not in this alone. There are countless others… friends, family, teachers…who are cheering you on…and standing by to help you up if you stumble and fall.

Life isn’t, as the song would have you believe, “a cabaret.” Life is an uphill climb that we all make. And the view from the top is awesome!

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