Your Career and You: Summer Doldrum Defense

Publication1There’s nothing like a heat wave in New England to cheer you up! Especially if, like yours truly, you were born and reared in the South and then spent eight years in the Philippines,Vietnam, and Hawaii…places where “cool” is a balmy 80-ish degrees!

We’re not used to this here, though, so life as we’ve gotten to comfortably know it goes into a major tailspin. Public transportation stations (subway and bus) are not designed for customer comfort (same applies for the winter freeze, I hasten to add), and there is no assurance that the buses or trains will be any better. Sidewalks are open to the elements as well, so there’s no escape by foot either!

So what’s a peevish PR boy (or girl) to do? Here’s a thought…read and write.

Reading…now’s the time to settle down with that book (fiction or nonfiction) that you’ve been saying you wanted to read and start reading!!

I rotate between late-19th/early-20th century fiction (Henry James, F. Scott Fitzgeraldet al) and the latest professionally-focused books (most recently, Deirdre Breakenridge and David Meerman Scott). I also do my reading in bite-sized chunks…two or three chapters at a time at most, so I don’t overdo the “exercise” and lose interest.

Writing…we’re communicators! Communicate!!

For example, have you been “thinking” about starting a blog? Now’s your chance! First, do some serious thinking about what you want to write about in general. Set yourself a schedule that you’re comfortable with (I try to publish this blog weekly…got a little lazy for a couple of weeks there!), and, as Nike would say, “Just do it!”

The beauty of this “read and write” idea is that it applies equally well when the temperature digits are reversed…from 92 to 29. The main thing is…you’re keeping your mind and your creative spirit energized, whether in summer doldrums or winter woes!

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James – Quoted by Edith Wharton, “A Backward Glance” [1934], ch. 10


About kirkhazlett

35+ years' federal government and nonprofit organization PR experience followed by more than 20 years' undergraduate and graduate college teaching experience. Community and media relations expertise, as well as a fanaticism for quality service and customer satisfaction. PR for healthcare and member services organizations ranging from Blood Bank of Hawaii to Medical Area Service Corporation to Boston Harborfest. Consulting services for Manila and Singapore Red Cross.
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