Your Career and You: “Carpe Momentum”

Publication1I know. This isn’t THE preferred phrase…it’s “carpe diem.” But I have a reason for using this one, so jump on the surfboard and come along for the ride!

I’ve realized over the past couple of weeks as I’ve seen and commented on a variety of posts by my Curry College senior students who are in the final frenzied days of their undergraduate lives how significant moments can be.

  • It might be that special night out with your classmates where you celebrate four years of laughter, tears, late-night test-cramming fatigue…and uncompromising friendship.
  • It might be that celebratory special dinner you shared with members of your family, all of whom are rejoicing in the honor that you have brought to them individually and collectively.
  • It might be (dare I hope?) that cup of coffee you shared with one of your professors as you looked back on the educational process that brought you to this moment.

Whatever the occasion, the moments that you have experienced throughout your college life will stay with you forever.

Mine start some 40-plus years ago as a freshman at Auburn University…got “mugged” at my first pep rally and wound up with about a dozen stitches in my head. Not necessarily a “gold star” memory, but I remember just how quickly my fellow dorm-mates rallied around. They checked on me numerous times a day and were continually encouraging me to not be discouraged by this truly unusual introduction to college life.

(Note: I left Auburn after one year, but not because of this. I changed majors (from Engineering to English) and my parents didn’t see an upside to paying out-of-state tuition for a major that could just as easily…and more cheaply…be gotten in-state.)

Two colleges later, I had my degree and a whole boatload of new…and more positive…memories.

The point to this, my friend, is that this truly is a special time in your life. Some of it you realize now; other moments will float up as the years pass. Embrace each and every one as a special occasion that has, in its own way, made you who you are today and who you will be in years to come.

Carpe momentum!!


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