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Your Career and You: “I Didn’t Have Time”

A colleague at Curry College, where I oversee the Public Relations Concentration in our Communication Department, made an interesting comment recently that got me to thinking about priorities and common sense. We were talking about how the spring semester had … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “It’s Teatime Somewhere”

One habit that I’ve maintained religiously since my first experience more than 30 years ago at The Peninsula Hong Kong is a commitment to a late-afternoon break for a cup of hot tea. Now things were a smidge different back … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Don’t Blame ‘Them’”

I’ve been here in Taipei for the past several weeks, decompressing, doing some serious introspection, and pretty much doing what I do every day anyway…reading local newspapers, watching the news on TV, and marveling at the fact that it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: Summer Doldrum Defense

There’s nothing like a heat wave in New England to cheer you up! Especially if, like yours truly, you were born and reared in the South and then spent eight years in the Philippines,Vietnam, and Hawaii…places where “cool” is a … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Spring Brake…Time for a Break!”

We’re off this week at Curry College, and my young charges are scattered hither and yon (mostly yon). Regis College was off last week…not sure how they schedule these things! Given the weather we’ve experienced here in the Boston area … Continue reading

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