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Your Career and You: “Dive into the Deep End”

I’ve been reading Facebook updates and blog posts by my Curry College COM/PR students that kind of tell me they’ve taken my unsolicited but sincere advice to heart. Time and again, in the classroom as well as in one-on-one meetings, I … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Are You ‘Social’ Enough?”

I often ask my students at Curry College, where I ride herd over our Public Relations Concentration and teach most of the undergrad PR courses, how active they are on social media…what platforms, how much time spent, etc. I never … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “But Is It Ethical??”

I’ve talked a lot in the past about the various aspects of the public relations profession…superior writing ability, research skills, attention to detail, “big picture” thinking… One thing I haven’t mentioned, at least not directly, is ethical conduct. No reason … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Overload… ‘Hitting the Wall’”

This week, I finally did it, I’m pretty sure. One too many things on my plate, and I feel like I’m spinning in circles. > The good news is, I know things will sort themselves out… somehow. > The bad news … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: Summer Doldrum Defense

There’s nothing like a heat wave in New England to cheer you up! Especially if, like yours truly, you were born and reared in the South and then spent eight years in the Philippines,Vietnam, and Hawaii…places where “cool” is a … Continue reading

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