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Your Career and You: “To Be…or Not To Be…MBA?”

Conversations with my undergrad COM/PR students at Curry College cover the waterfront…from “what kind of paper should I print my resume on?” to “how do I start my job search?” and beyond. One that bubbles up more and more often, … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Bottom line…lose the ’tude”

I was watching an episode of “The Middle” recently (okay, Curry College COM/PR students and CCPRSA members…don’t judge!) in which Axl proclaims that of course he’s going to get the job he’s going to interview for…he has amazing hair! Needless … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Watching Flowers Grow”

One of the truly rewarding things about my current life as a PR professor has been introducing young men and women to the profession that has been mine for more than a quarter-century and seeing that mental “light” go on … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Because It Has To Be Done”

I was sitting in a meeting recently…a week after classes had ended at Curry College and three days after final grades had been posted…apparently because someone decided we “needed” to have a meeting. So far…20 minutes into the affair…two people … Continue reading

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