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Disinformation versus Reality

(Note to readers: This is a copy of a “Letter to the Editor” of the Taipei Times that I wrote and was recently published. We hear so doggone much about “fake news” and “disinformation” and all that. What do YOU … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “It’s Critical…Thinking”

I did a little exercise over the weekend that brought home the reality that not all my students are familiar with the concept of proactive thinking. What precipitated this revelation was an “extra credit” opportunity that I offered to all … Continue reading

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Your Career and You: “Know Where To Look”

I had a somewhat frustrating experience recently trying to help a group of would-be public relations practitioners understand the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. These are reasonably bright young men and women…juniors and seniors…all of whom should know how … Continue reading


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Your Career and You: Summer Doldrum Defense

There’s nothing like a heat wave in New England to cheer you up! Especially if, like yours truly, you were born and reared in the South and then spent eight years in the Philippines,Vietnam, and Hawaii…places where “cool” is a … Continue reading

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